About Me

“Hi! My name is Jacky and I am “The Globetrotting Canuck!” I was born and raised in a small town just outside of beautiful Toronto, Canada. I have studied hospitality management and I work in the hospitality and tourism industry.

If you are reading this blog, one thing we probably have in common is a love of travelling. I love many things about travel- experiencing new cultures, trying new food, meeting new people with interesting stories, and visiting places I have always dreamed of.

Growing up, our family was fortunate enough to be able to go on vacations to Mexico and the United States, as well as smaller trips around Eastern and Western Canada. But I really caught the travel bug at 16 years old, when I visited Tunisia and then Paris, France with a school group. I am forever grateful for having such an amazing teacher who valued travel as much as I do now, and who took us to these two fascinating places. After falling in love with Paris, I realized how much I really loved travelling and that it was something I really wanted to do for the rest of my life.

Now since that tour I have been to both Europe and Asia twice! Would you say that I’m hooked? Yes. Would you say that I have the travel bug? Yes. I have found my passion….TRAVEL!map

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